Our Story

The modern urban landscape is a relentless habitat.

City dwellers will dart into their cars and speed down motorways towards the inextinguishable lights of a metropolis only to watch a world teeming with beauty from an office window – rarely a moment to experience the splendour for themselves.

Days flit by in a blur. By the time they make it home, exhausted and hungry, they slump into bed pondering tomorrow’s labour – something is missing.

The grind of urban living lacks balance.

It is why we look out our windows, towards beauty and the meadow, to watch as nature acts out an eternal cycle of serenity and savagery.

For each delicate butterfly dancing amongst the wildflowers, there is a snake lying in wait to trigger chaos. How can you truly appreciate beauty without the beast? Fast needs slow, bitter needs sweet and shadows need the sun. This interplay of darkness and light and the unyielding alchemy of nature is why…

Meadows Gin is unmistakable.

Meadows Gin… the antidote to urban living.