Meadow Breeze


  • 50ml Meadows Gin
  • 25ml Pomegranate & sparkling wine cordial
  • Top with rhubarb tonic
  • Garnish with mint sprigs


Build ingredients in a highball glass

To make cordial – Use any leftover sparkling wine that has lost its fizz, add equal parts sugar to liquid content and heat until sugar has melted. Once cooled, blend with Pomegranate seeds. Strain through a sieve, and bottle.

Aromatic Gimlet


  • 60ml Meadows Gin
  • 40ml aromatic lime cordial
  • Garnish with lavender


Stir ingredients with iceand strain into a chilled glass

To make cordial – Add equal parts Lime Juice to sugar and heat in a pan until sugar has dissolved. You can be a little more creative here and add things like Kewra Water (Pandan extract), Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Jasmine Tea & Orange Blossom Water to make this a more aromatic cordial.

Lifes a Peach


  • 50ml Meadows Gin
  • 20ml peach and pink grapefruit syrup
  • Top with sparkling wine


Build ingredients in a champagne flute

To make syrup – Add equal parts sugar to Pink Grapefruit juice to a pan and heat until the sugar has dissolved. Open a can of Peach slices and strain the juice. Add the peach slices to your syrup and blend.